SINCE 1992

Who we are

Our company has been operating as an authorised importer and distributor of international brands in Cyprus and Greece since 1992. With a diversified portfolio of consumer electronics, stationery and household goods we are able to give our partners the highest of services and products. Tecomac goes hand in hand with sound financial and management practises which allowed us to continuously grow for the past 30 years. We are always on the lookout for international leading brands to introduce to our regions of operation.

Our story

Tecomac Trading LTD has been established by our esteemed founder Takis S.Kalorkotis, initially as a dealer of textile industrial machines, back in the day when the textile industry was thriving in Cyprus. While gaining reputation and building a network across the island, we were able to slowly partner up with leading textile and sewing brands such as Stoll Gmbh and Brother. With a gained reputation and excellent after-sales service, we asked "Why stop there?". We partnered up with more leading brands in other industry sectors and managed to grow to where we are today, expanding our operations to Greece. We now act as official resellers/distributors of Leica and Nikon cameras, Brother sewing machines and printers, Beyer Dynamic audio products, Thermaltake computer peripherals, Ecolink inks, Faber Castell writing instruments and many more.

Our Values


We are sincere, trustworthy towards our partners and can always count on us.


Is one of our strong suits, as we can't operate without it


With the climate crisis in mind, we are very careful with our actions and consumptions

Customer service

We build our reputation and goodwill based on our service towards our clients and partners, not only during the sale but most importantly after the sale. Providing warranties, returns and technical support.


One of the most important things we value are the people that work for us, which is the core of our business. Without them we are nothing.